validate syntax- errors not near scroll bar

wanda_b_anon wrote on Tue Oct 23 16:22:57 MEST 2007:
Is this a setting I screwed up, or a bug or a feature loss?

I edit with line numbers on left, and a scroll bar on right.  Used to be,
when syntax checking found errors, the visible lines with errors had a white
X in a red circle in the frame to the left of the line number, and 

> there_were_red_ticks on the scroll bar on the right <  

that marked locations of errors on lines not visible in the window.

In EPIC source 0.6.17 and Editor 0.6.10 on Eclipse 3.3.0 on Win XP I see
no ticks on the right.

Is this a setting or a lost feature?

I like the feature, I do not need to scroll all over to confirm no errors
or find the location of errors.


jploski wrote on Tue Oct 23 17:54:59 MEST 2007:
"Show overview ruler" in Perl EPIC/Editor preferences. You can also configure
what appears there and what does not in the "Annotations" section of the
(general Eclipse) preferences.

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