Where to EPIC compatible with Eclipse 3.0.xx

nsojunior wrote on Sat Aug 19 00:27:31 MEST 2006:
Hello Guys!

I work with a third-party tool created on Eclipse 3.0.xx, I am used to EPIC
0.3.xx, where can I get this release??


jploski wrote on Sun Aug 20 21:02:06 MEST 2006:
0.3.12 is still available through the updates/testing site. You should uncheck
"Show only the newest version of features" in the Update Manager to see

Note that this version is no longer supported, though. Just curious: which
third-party tool is preventing you from upgrading (anything publicly available)?
nsojunior wrote on Mon Aug 28 18:32:30 MEST 2006:
I use IBM Rational tools, which runs on top of Eclipse 3.0.... I didn't
get to follow your instructions. If you can, please send the files to install
this plugin from local file system.

my email: nsojunior@gmail.com

Thank you so much for you time.


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