Wish: Adding breakpoints with double-click

seitfa wrote on Sat Jul  8 15:43:12 MEST 2006:

is it possible to add breakpoints with a double-click? (like in the java-view)

jploski wrote on Sat Jul  8 16:20:39 MEST 2006:
There is a feature request for it already:


Maybe you could implement it?
seitfa wrote on Mon Jul 17 22:32:22 MEST 2006:
I'll try, if I have time. But it will take much time to get into the code.
jgangemi wrote on Sun Jul 23 19:59:36 MEST 2006:
i have this mostly implemented, however i haven't worked out how to integrate
the regular expression feature into it (nor do i really understand what
the RegularExpressionBreakpoint is currently trying to accomplish).

to me, it seems the regular expression should just be another "condition"
that should determine whether or not the breakpoint should fire (much in
the way the jdt condition editor says pause on true or value change) - right
now when a RegExp breakpoint is hit, it pauses execution and brings up the
RegExp view that is part of EPIC, but at no point is the regexp affecting
whether or not the thread should actually pause, which is what i think should
be the appropriate behavior. (perhaps if nothing really is being accomplished
w/ this, it can just be disabled until real functionality can be added).

as jan pointed out in a seperate post, the debugger code is quite messy
and it is difficult to determine exactly what is going on. the eclipse tech
article on writing a debugger uses perl to debug a PDA program, and actually
has a perl script that appears to be doing most of what goes on in the PerlDB
class, but i need to investigate that futher. 

in any case, i'll finish cleaning things up and submit a patch.

jploski wrote on Sun Jul 23 20:40:25 MEST 2006:
According to the User's Guide:

Regular expression breakpoints additionally extract the regular expression
contained in the line of code they are associated with and enable you to
debug the regular expression within the RegExp-Plugin.

I have never used this feature. I also thought that regexp breakpoints would
have something to do with stopping the thread. If this additional support
for debugging regular expressions is needed, I see no reason why normal
breakpoints are not sufficient.
jgangemi wrote on Sun Jul 23 22:48:11 MEST 2006:
ahh - ok - now i see what it's doing. i was getting confused b/c if line
the breakpoint was placed on did not have a regexp statement in it, a dialog
box popped up asking for information.

i can see this as being useful functionality, but it doesn't work correctly
in it's current incarnation - the "match text" that is inserted into the
view is the name of the variable (ie: $x) and not the value the variable
actually contains - and the breakpoint should just default to a "normal"
breakpoint if there is no regexp on the line.

for now i think it would be best to just drop this functionality entirely
until it can be rethought and improved upon - perhaps by providing some
kind of popup menu item that allows you to open the line in the reg-exp
view, or hang an option off the breakpoint properties page that enables/disables
openning of the view.

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