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EPIC Testing 0.3.10 released (2005-01-28)
Due to some bugs and missing files we released the new testing version 0.3.10.
Please update...

EPIC Testing 0.3.9 released (2005-01-24)

     EPIC Talk at the German Perl Workshop 2005 (2005-01-18)

A talk covering EPIC will be held at the German Perl Workshop 2005 (9th - 11th of February).
The abstract can be found here. The talk and abstract are in german.

     Merry Christmas from the EPIC Project Team (2004-12-24)

The EPIC Project Team wishes all users and their families a Merry Christmas.

Testing Update Site provided (2004-07-14)
To be more responsive in case of bugs or other problems (performance etc.) we decided to provide a Testing Update Site.
This site will be updated if significant changes/enhancements were done to the EPIC plugin.
The version provided by the Testing Update Site might contain bugs and is primarily meant for testing purposes.

The Update URL for the Testing Update Site is:

We try to keep the ChangeLog for the Testing Update Site up to date.

If you encounter problems with the plugin try to install the version from the testing site, it might fix your problem.

EPIC 0.3.0 released  (2004-07-11)

The new EPIC version supports Eclipse 3.0.
The support for Eclipse 2.1.x is discontinued !

Among some new features like Regular Expression Breakpoint, TODO Markers and Explain Errors/Warnings the new version also includes the EPIC  User's Guide. The User's Guide is available via the Eclipse help or as separate PDF file.

The Colorer Plugin Extension is no longer supported.
If somebody would like to continue the development of the Colorer Plugin Extension, please let us know.

For more details please have a look at the ChangeLog.

EPIC 0.2.0 not working with Eclipse M9  (2004-05-25)

Due to the absence of the org.apache.xerces package (was available until M8) EPIC is currently not working with Eclipse 3.0 M9.
So please use Eclipse 2.1.x for the time being.

We are working on it ...

Perl EPIC 0.2.0 released  (2004-05-20)

Several bugs have been fixed in the Editor/Debugger.
The outline view is now able to handle POD comments correctly.

Besides some small new features (run support for launch-configuration, support of command line parameters ...) the debugger now supports CGI debugging utilizing Brazil as integrated Web Server.

The Update Site now supports any platform.

A moderated mailing list for announcements concerning EPIC is now available

Perl Debugger released / Update Manager supported (2004-03-27)

The new EPIC version now includes the first release of the Perl Debugger.
We hope the debugger to be useful, although we are aware of the fact that a first release always includes a significant amount of bugs.
Please provide Bug Reports in case you find bugs.

The Eclipse Update Manager is now supported.
Please point your Update Manager to:

The Perl Editor has been improved and some bugs have been fixed, please see the Change-Log for details.

Perl Editor Performance Improvements (2003-12-13)
The Performance has been improved for the syntax check and the outline view.
Instead of regularly checking the code every x seconds an idle timer has been introduced which only initiates a code check when the editor is idle for x milliseconds.
Preferences have also been adjusted to reflect the change.

In addition to performance improvements compatibility issues with Eclipse 3.0 M5 have been resolved.
Users that use the Colorer Extension should have a look at the Notes for Eclipse 3.0.

Perl Editor Update (2003-10-29)
The new version has the following new features:
  • Variable Inspection:
    Shows already used variables and displays them. This might not be 100% accurate, but should make life easier.
    Can be switched off via preferences.
  • HTML export
    Uses perltidy to export sources files to HTML. As for the source formatting feature a working Perl interpreter is required.
NOTE: Please remove the old plugin before installing the new version.

Syntax Colouring Patch for Eclipse 3.0 available (2003-10-29)
The patch is available from the download section.
Thanks to Chris Grindstaff.

eSpell Plugin Supported (2003-10-29)
A eSpell add-on is provided to add spell checking support to the Perl Editor.
The Perl extension can be downloaded from the download section.

Formatter bug fix (2003-10-10)
The Source Formatter  was blocking on big files. That should be fixed with this version.

Templating support added to Perl Editor Plugin (2003-10-08)
The main new features are:

Basic templating support
No default templates are available for the time being.
So it would be nice if users would send in their templates.
Enhanced source formatting
PerlTidy is used for source formatting and is provided with the plugin.
A Source Formatter preference page has been added
Comment/Uncomment support

For a detailed list of changes please have a look at the release-notes.

Syntax Colouring broken in Eclipse 3.0 (2003-09-14)
EPIC uses the Color Editor plugin for syntax colouring. This plugin does not work correctly with Eclipse 3.0.
No colouring is done at all. Please use Eclipse 2.1 for the time being.

We are working on a fix.

Eclipse 3.0 support added to Perl Editor Plugin (2003-09-13)
Due to API changes in Eclipse 3.0 the last version of the Perl Editor Plugin did not work with Eclipse 3.0.
The new Editor Plugin is a compatibility version which makes it possible to use the stable Eclipse 2.1 and on the other hand test Eclipse 3.0.
When Eclipse 3.0 final is out we will at one point stop supporting 2.1 and move to 3.0 (and clean up the code) so that we are then able to use the new
3.0 features.
In the new version basic Perldoc support has been added to the editor's popup menu.
The Colorer Extension has also been updated to support Eclipse 3.0.

For more details, please have a look at the ChangeLog.

Perl Editor and RegExp Plugin Updated (2003-08-30)
With the new version of the Perl Editor it is now possible to use spaces instead of tabs. The corresponding option has been added to the Editor Preference page.
The Colorer extension has also been updated to support the new feature.

CTRL-C, CTRL-V and CTRL-X support was added to the RegExp plugin.

Running Perl Scripts Within Eclipse  (2003-08-27)
Christopher H. Laco ( has written a nice article about running Perl script within Eclipse by using "External Tools...".
The article can be read here and will also be present in the FAQ section.

Thanks to Christopher for providing the article.

New EPIC version does not use temporary files any more (2003-06-07)
The new version does not use temporary files any more to validate Perl syntax.
Temporary files were used because syntax validation got stuck from time to time on Linux. As a workaround temporary files were used (but we were never happy with this situation).
It turned out that this is a Linux/Solaris Java bug since version 1.4 (Java bug 4750978).
Linux/Solaris users should use Java 1.3.x when running Eclipse.

Extension to use Colorer Plugin as editor (unsupported) released (2003-05-12)
On request an extension to support the Colorer Plugin in EPIC  is provided. The addon is unsupported and provided as is. The Color Editor Plugin is still the standard EPIC syntax highlighting engine. Color Editor is platform independent and integrates much better into Eclipse than the Colorer Plugin.
Developers who would like to work on this extension are welcome. The sources were imported into CVS.

Color Editor Plugin used for syntax colouring (2003-05-05)
EPIC now uses a slightly modified Color Editor plugin ( for syntax colouring. The plugin is included in the PerlEditor package.

Additional Preferences and per project Include Path settings added to Perl Editor (2003-04-24)
Editor preferences have been extended and now cover Appearance, Syntax Highlighting and Annotations (screenshot).
Include Path settings have been added to the Perl project properties (screenshot).

New Editor Plugin with Eclipse 2.1 support (2003-04-08)
The new Editor Plugin supports Eclipse 2.1 features (it is recommended to install Eclipse 2.1).
A Perl perspective and Project Type are also available in the new release.
For more details please have a look at the Changelog.

There were a lot of questions concerning Content assist and installation, these are handled in the FAQ section.
Single Step feature added to RegExp Plugin (2003-03-22)
For more information have a look at the FAQ.
Syntax check problem on Windows (2003-03-13)
When EPIC does on the fly syntax checking an external Perl task is executed. On some Windows versions a CMD Windows is opened and closed again.
For a workaround have a look at the FAQ.