Adding an existing file to a project?

esharris wrote on Fri Nov  9 20:52:12 CET 2007:
To add an existing file to a Perl project in Eclispe+Epic, I had to do a
File->New->File and type the file name in the given dialog box. However,
I expected an open dialog box, where I could click on the list of existing
files. Is there a more natural way to add an existing file to a project?

I'm new to Eclipse.
jploski wrote on Fri Nov  9 21:00:56 CET 2007:
The easiest way would be to specify an existing directory (with your files)
when creating project. (You can have projects outside of the workspace directory.)

Or you can just copy all your files to wherever your project directory is
located. Then right-click on the project name in Eclipse and choose 'Refresh'
to synchronize the view with the actual contents of the file system.

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