ANN: Eclipse Resource Guide

ftped wrote on Thu Apr  7 08:49:17 MEST 2005:
Submit your product now!

Eclipse developers, list your Eclipse-based product or service for free
in an Eclipse Resource Guide published by Fawcette Technical Publications,
publishers of Java Pro magazine and other technical print and online magazines
for the IT industry. The product guide will help readers find the right
Eclipse-based tool for developing, hosting, maintaining, and enhancing applications.
Each listing includes product and company descriptions, pricing, downloads,
and more.

Go to and follow the "Eclipse" link to enter
the information for your product or service in the online product database.
Instructions are available on the site. The launch edition will be distributed
in June 2005. Register your product information by April 22. 

Paid advertisements are also available. Contact Terry O'Donnell, managing
editor, at

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