Anyone developing modules with tests for CPAN

wanda_b_anon wrote on Wed Aug 22 20:07:35 MEST 2007:
Anyone developing modules with tests for CPAN using epic?  (btw, I love

Is there an elegant way to carry out the cycle of

make realclean

perl Makefile.PL


make test

and view the error output, or mark the tests that pass, or mark the lines
of the tests that fail? While staying in eclipse?  In a way that is agnostic
to the perl project you switch to?

If yes, how?  If not, approaches?  

After all, this is the discussion area...

jploski wrote on Wed Aug 22 20:31:39 MEST 2007:
You could write a Perl script which calls the above commands and (if necessary)
processes the failure output so that it appears as hyperlinks in the Console
view. For example, this would create a hyperlink:

print STDERR "x at /some/path/ line 3.\n";

Note that you can parametrize this Perl script conveniently by putting ${project_loc}
in the Arguments tab (Program arguments). This variable will be evaluated
when you run the script and will become the absolute path to the project
containing the currently selected resource (file or folder). You can also
use ${string_prompt} for an arbitrary text input from the user.

Implementing an Eclipse plug-in in Java like JUnit would be nicer, of course,
but much more work.

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