Anyone Got A Set?

obsdwan wrote on Tue Sep 18 23:42:12 MEST 2007:
All I see on these forums is "why didn't you make this for me?" or " You
_need_ to code this or I won't use it"...The real programmers write their
own tools. They don't sit around with dirty diapers waiting to be changed.

I think EPIC is a great effort and I want to be a person who comes in here
and says "thank you" to those who have dedicated their time and skill to
make something that didn't previously exist. They are the artists, the heroes.
Those of you who expect others to forge (sourceforge) your tools for you
don't deserve jack s4!t. If you would even just devote an hour a week towards
even _trying_ to build something yourself you'd probably be surprised at
the momentum you would create. Instead you sit on the toilet whining for
somebody to come change your t@mp0n. 

I won't apologize for my rant, but I will express my gratitude to those
who have come before me and do my best to give back to a community that
has given a lot for nothing. This is a good project and it would be a sin
to see it trickle out because only a few have the testicular fortitude to
give back a little to something they've taken so much from.

jploski wrote on Wed Sep 19 19:55:28 MEST 2007:
On behalf of the EPIC project, I disagree with the above opinions...

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