Bracket Matching and Code Folding?

latkinson wrote on Thu May 12 21:38:04 MEST 2005:
   I'm new to both EPIC and Eclipse in general, and I can't seem to figure
out how to get the editor to do bracket matching or Code Folding.  From
what I gather here, they're both available features.  I checked the manual,
and checked Preferences->Workbench->Editors->*  and Preferences->Perl Epic->*
and found nothing to do with these.  

I'm running the stable 3.0 release, maybe that's my problem.  If so, are
the testing versions reasonably "safe"?
latkinson wrote on Thu May 12 21:41:11 MEST 2005:
Oh, I just checked the changelog and yeah, those features were added after
0.3.  So, let's change my question to, "Which is the recommended release
considering the post below this one mentions that 3.10 has performance problems?"

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