... but EPIC 0.2 works better for me

hfriedrich wrote on Mon Mar 14 12:29:45 CET 2005:
What are you all talking about?  I just gave 0.3.10 a try (on a Solaris
8 machine to which I am connected via Tarantella, obviously using Eclipse
3.0, the Java version is 1.4.2_06) and reverted to 0.2.0 once again because
0.3.10 still does not seem to deliver all the functionality that used to
be available in 0.1.0 and 0.2.0.

On the plus side, Copy & Paste, which seemed to be broken in 0.3.0, works
again in 0.3.10.

Unfortunately, the results of the syntax checks do not get loaded into the
Task view.  This happens to work great in 0.1.0 (as far as I remember) and
0.2.0.  In 0.3.10, I can't just click on the error message anymore but instead
I have to look up the messages in the console window, then use Navigate
-> Go to Line and type in the line number mentioned in the error message
I would like to investigate, so it's a bit like using a plain text editor
for programming instead of an IDE.  Is this just me (or perhaps a Solaris
or Tarantella quirk), or does this happen to everybody else as well?

(The compatibility with using a white background in the Perl editor is better
in 0.3, of course, but I can still spot the hits of my searches fairly easily
if I use a slightly tinged background instead of a plain white background
in the Perl editor of 0.2.)

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