Can't Locate Errors EPIC4.17/Eclipse3.2

fparrott wrote on Fri Nov  3 00:05:37 CET 2006:

I loading in a pre-existing Perl project from CVS. It has a .project file
for Eclipse. My directory structure is such:

Eclipse project root: A-perl
                        +--- src (folder)
                              +--- A (folder)
                                   +-- (no error marker)
                                   +-- (has error marker)
                                   +-- ...

The has  line "user A::Cryprt", marked as error. The error is "Can't
locate". On the "a-perl" project, I bring up the properties, select "Perl
Include Path". I set the path to /a-perl/, but it still
fails "Can't locate" from this path. I tried to drill down further, "/a-perl/src/A",
same problem. 

Is there some other setting I'm missing that might be overriding the project
properties? In the "Can't Locate" message, it does show the path I entered
in the properties.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,
jploski wrote on Fri Nov  3 21:11:58 CET 2006:
You should add /A-perl/src to the include path (or just:
A-perl/src - relative paths are interpreted as project-relative in the Project
Properties dialog).

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