code jump does not work for main::

forkdeath wrote on Thu Aug  9 16:20:34 MEST 2007:
Note the below code.

use lib ("../../data/chgmgmt");
use cm;
main::create_cm_header($breadcrumbs);  // cannot code jump

When I hold down the crtl key and click create_cm_header the editor does
not jump to the referenced method.  If I remove 'main::' the code jump works
fine. It jumps to the method within the cm module.

create_cm_header($breadcrumbs);  // can code jump

I inherited a lot of code that has this in it.  Is there a way to get EPIC
to jump correctly without modifying all the files?  The code does execute

Thanks for any help!
John Hayles
jploski wrote on Thu Aug  9 16:51:22 MEST 2007:
Are you saying that the module 'cm' defines a subroutine 'create_cm_header'
which belongs to the 'main' package (rather than to the 'cm' package)?
forkdeath wrote on Thu Aug  9 20:26:26 MEST 2007:
All the subroutines are exported by default, so that loads them into the
‘main’ memory space.  ‘main’ is the default space. The module
is using @EXPORT as opposed to @EXPORT_OK.  So by using @EXPORT = qw(create_cm_header),
create_cm_header is automatically loaded into main.  

jploski wrote on Thu Aug  9 21:37:47 MEST 2007:
I created a bug report for this (already fixed):

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