compilation failed when using Sybase lib

leibutfu wrote on Tue Jul 15 11:14:24 MEST 2008:

I created an eclipse perl project and copied existing working perl scripts
in it.
I had to add Sybase libs in my build path.
But it won't work: 
the "use Sybase::CTlib" call generates the following error: "Compilation
failed in require"
I also added, and the other Sybase pm files, in my project, and
eclip^se seems to compile it without errors...
Dont know what to do.
Thanks for ur help.
leibutfu wrote on Tue Jul 15 11:20:00 MEST 2008:
error message is:

can't locate auto/Sybase/CTlib/autosplit.ix
leibutfu wrote on Tue Jul 15 11:25:39 MEST 2008:
i added the auto/* but i get the "Compilation failed in require" again,
without specified reason this time...
jploski wrote on Tue Jul 15 19:06:35 MEST 2008:
Figure out which paths need to be given to -I options to prevent "perl -c"
from reporting errors on the command line. Then use the same set of paths
for EPIC. It's only a problem with EPIC if it works on the command line
and doesn't work in EPIC.

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