Conditional Breakpoints

jrsade wrote on Thu May 22 15:07:58 MEST 2008:
In the changelog I saw that conditional breakpoints were introduced already
in 0.5x version. How does it work actually? Where is a condition entered?
jploski wrote on Thu May 22 22:45:59 MEST 2008:
Add a breakpoint as usual, then right-click and select "properties" from
the pop-up menu. Then enter the condition in the breakpoint properties dialog.
jrsade wrote on Fri May 23 09:12:04 MEST 2008:
Well, in my version 0.6.13 there is only a preference concerning the text
editor if I right-click on the breakpoint (hand cursor). Is this feature
limited to certain versions?
jploski wrote on Sun May 25 02:04:41 MEST 2008:
Does it work when you right-click on a breakpoint in the Breakpoints view
rather than in the editor?
jrsade wrote on Mon May 26 10:24:46 MEST 2008:
In 0.6.13 there is no "Properties" on the breakpoint right-click. In 0.6.23
it is greyed.
jploski wrote on Mon May 26 18:03:11 MEST 2008:
Maybe it is related to the allegedly fixed bug:

Click on the greyed out item and the dialog should open anyway.
jrsade wrote on Tue May 27 08:22:24 MEST 2008:
Well, the greyed out item is NOT selectable. On 0.6.13 it is missing (not
an empty entry). It is a plain vanilla SDK installation with EPIC. 
jrsade wrote on Tue May 27 14:22:24 MEST 2008:
Well, now I found it. In the text editor's view the right-click on the breakpoint
shows an EMPTY entry. This one raises the conditional breakpoint popup.
jrsade wrote on Thu May 29 10:52:06 MEST 2008:
In the latest version 0.6.24 this issue seems to be solved now. Thank you!

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