Confused by @INC

jvromans wrote on Fri Aug 10 23:25:35 MEST 2007:
I have the following project:


Using preferences, I set the perl include path to


which is then turned into ${resource_loc:/Jukebox/lib}. The scripts can
not find the modules, and perl @INC does not contain the desired library.

When I set the include path to


everything works fine.

However, this is very confusing. What am I doing wrong?

This is EPIC 'testing'.
jploski wrote on Sat Aug 11 02:14:30 MEST 2007:
You're not doing anything wrong, if the entered absolute path is turned
into ${resource_loc:/Jukebox/lib} automatically, then it's a bug.
jvromans wrote on Sat Aug 11 18:15:46 MEST 2007:
EPIC or Eclipse?
jploski wrote on Sat Aug 11 18:29:50 MEST 2007:
EPIC, most likely.
jvromans wrote on Sat Aug 11 18:58:37 MEST 2007:
Okay, I'll file a bug report. Thanks

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