Could not connect to CGI-Proxy

bmcconne wrote on Mon Apr  3 21:42:23 MEST 2006:
When trying to start Debug of CGI script I get this message "Could not connect
to CGI-Proxy".  What does it mean?
jploski wrote on Mon Apr  3 21:53:48 MEST 2006:
It means that the EPIC debugger plug-in has waited for more than 30 seconds
for its spawned Brazil web server JVM to connect via a TCP socket, but no
connection was established during that period.
bmcconne wrote on Tue Apr  4 17:03:34 MEST 2006:
I'm not sure how this should be working.  I have apache running with several
perl cgi scripts in /var/www/cgi-bin and want to use epic to debug them.
 I have imported my cgi scripts into a Perl project in Eclipse and have
set up the Debug environment to point at my workspace containgin the project.
 When I try to debug I get the "Could not connect to CGI-Proxy" message.
 How is EPIC trying to debug these scripts is my first question?  If it
is trying to spawn a webserver what is the CGI-Proxy that it is trying to
connect to?  Is this something I should configure?
jploski wrote on Tue Apr  4 20:19:25 MEST 2006:
EPIC spawns its own web server in a separate Java virtual machine process.
Your Apache configuration is irrelevant. I think that the term "CGI proxy"
refers to a piece of the main plug-in waiting for TCP connections from the
spawned web server. These connections are established immediately at startup
of the web server. They are used to redirect the stdout/stderr of each executed
CGI script to the debugger plug-in. A third TCP connection is used to send
some diagnostic messages as well.

You can try your luck with the unofficial version of EPIC, which contains
one corrected bug related to CGI debugging under Windows XP and possibly
also more informative error messages:
jploski wrote on Tue Apr  4 20:25:13 MEST 2006:
Regarding the necessary configuration in EPIC: based on my experience, the
entered "HTML Root Directory" and "CGI Root Directory" must be exactly the
same path, and the HTML startup file can be any path prefixed by the former.
If scripts are offered for download instead of being executed, it means
that you likely got this detail wrong.

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