Dead or Alive

squiker wrote on Thu Apr  6 14:41:36 MEST 2006:
Is development for Epic still alive? 

I have used epic for a litle while now and (as a java geek) I realy like
its eclips way of doing things, hoever i do get problems (expecially with
the debugger), so i'm just wondering whats going on #;-)

matisse wrote on Thu Apr  6 17:03:40 MEST 2006:
I've read that development is not active for EPIC - which is sad.
I would like to help keep it alive, and make improvements.

I know Perl a lot better than Java, and have virtually no experience writing
Eclipse plugins. 

But, I am willing to help, especially if there is a Java geek on the team

I imagine the first step is to get the source code loaded into Eclipse and
be able to run all the unit tests (I hope there are Unit Tests!!)

squiker wrote on Fri Apr  7 08:03:20 MEST 2006:
Unfortunatly, I dont realy have the time to help, however if the project
developers post some comments on what still needs to be done for epic (on
the java and perl sides) than perhaps people will jump in to help?


luelljoc wrote on Fri Apr  7 07:15:54 MEST 2006:

the project is not dead. There is just not much development going on due
to the lack of time from Stephan's and my side.

A new testing version will be available soon. Actually the testing should
have been available some weeks ago, but I had just no time to do it.

squiker wrote on Fri Apr  7 08:01:19 MEST 2006:
Hi Jochen,

Great to hear that Epic is still alive!! 

I am not a realy big fan of Perl (scince i am a java geek #;-) however your
plugin has made my live, working with perl, a great deal easier.. (I would
love to see the the plugin also work in Netbeans though)

I would just like to say.. Keep up the good work!

Greetings and thanks for the great plugin Squiker.  
gnuboi wrote on Thu May 18 19:13:50 MEST 2006:
I just downloaded the latest CVS build, and many things have been fixed
since (especially the syntax highlighting).  I guess the project only looks
dead because they haven't gotten around to publicizing the changes they've
made all this time.

I found this link in another post by the maintainers:

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