Dealing with missing modules

skyleach wrote on Thu Sep 13 21:50:19 MEST 2007:
I'm using ActiveState w/ eclipse & EPIC on windows for cross-platform perl

Unfortunately, my @INC doesn't seem to be finding ppm managed perl modules.

Can someone please tell me what else I need to be doing here?

"Severity and Description	Path	Resource	Location	Creation Time	Id
Can't locate Mail/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:\Program Files\ActiveState
Perl Dev Kit 6.0\lib\ C:/Perl/site/lib C:/Perl/lib .)	tsn workflow/tearsheets	line 7	1189705000078	73

 Directory of C:\Perl\site\lib\Mail

09/13/2007  01:03 PM              .
09/13/2007  01:03 PM              ..
09/13/2007  01:03 PM              Sender
09/13/2007  01:03 PM           103,207
jploski wrote on Thu Sep 13 21:57:51 MEST 2007:
Use slashes instead of backslashes in paths entered in the include path
Do "Project/Clean..." after changing include paths.
Does the same problem occur when you run "perl -c" in a
DOS box? Does it occur if you run perl -c with the appropriate -I switches?
skyleach wrote on Thu Sep 13 22:01:38 MEST 2007:
No problems outside of epic/eclipse.  Although I did add the includes for
perl/lib and perl/site/lib, I didn't add the other.  That's picked up by
epic from activestate.  I don't know where to change it.
jploski wrote on Thu Sep 13 22:06:08 MEST 2007:
If you run a script which does foreach $i(@INC) { print "$i\n"; }, does
it print the same include path both in EPIC and on the command line? Also,
did you clean the project?
skyleach wrote on Thu Sep 13 22:48:57 MEST 2007:
sorry, I got called away on other small fires.

Project/clean seems to have solved this issue.  I'll keep an eye out and
post more on this if it happens any more.

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