Debugger and 'my' variables in global scope

rrajendran wrote on Sun Apr 16 21:25:05 MEST 2006:

I am using EPIC with Eclipse 3.1 under XP.  The debugger does not display
'my' variables declared in the global scope.  Please see the following snippet:
#use strict;

sub test() {
	my $test='hello';
	print $test,"\n";

print $hello;

my $hello1='world';
print $hello1;


The $hello variable appears in the debugger's variable view but not the
$hello1 which is declared with a 'my'.  

The variable $test, declared as a 'my' within the test() sub, is visible
in the variable view though, when execution is halted within test().

Why is it that global 'my' variables are not visible while 'my' variables
in functions are?

thanks in advance for any help.

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