Debugger breakpoint in required file

urishk wrote on Thu Mar 29 12:51:26 MEST 2007:
I have a PERL project that is composed from several files.

I run, and it "require" (all files in the project reside in the
same directory)

Breakpoints that are set in work fine (debugger stops).
Break[pints that are set in - the debugger will fail to stop unless
I'll stop after the "require ''" line and either set them than or "disable"
and then "enable" those breakpoints. Only that the debugger will stop
at those points.

Any idea how can I set breakpoints in other files than and cause the
debugger to stop there automatically. 

WinXP Pro, ActivePerl v5.8.8, Eclipse 3.2.0, EPIC 0.4.28

Best Regards,

dwballance wrote on Thu Mar 29 18:20:29 MEST 2007:
The current version of EPIC is 5.0.32, and has a lot of fixes for debugging
issues. Try upgrading to that version and see how it works.


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