debugger retrieving variables hangs

joebrien1111 wrote on Sat Mar  5 18:05:09 CET 2005:
I was able to get past the previous problem by loading the epic test version.
 Now debugger hangs indefinitely on retrieving variables from an include
perl module.
tnicolson wrote on Tue Mar  7 10:54:25 CET 2006:
I'm seeing this problem too, anyone else?

This is going back a year now, has this been fixed?

jploski wrote on Tue Mar  7 21:01:42 CET 2006:
Which version of EPIC? The error message referred to in the original posting
no longer exists in the source code in CVS.
tnicolson wrote on Thu Mar 23 09:47:21 CET 2006:
I don't think this is actually a problem with EPIC (v0.3.12).  I can't remember
the exact circumstances now, but it occurred when I'd was trying to dereferencing/access
an array incorrectly, which presumably sent padwalker into a fit.

If your seeing this problem check your code first!


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