Debugger: Waiting for connect, Accept failed

hfriedrich wrote on Fri Oct 15 16:45:31 MEST 2004:
Does anybody know whether I would need to configure anything in /etc/services
and/or /etc/inetd.conf in order to use the EPIC debugger on a Solaris machine?

I keep getting messages like these in the terminal window from which I launched

Waiting for connect Port5001(Try 998 of 100)
Waiting for connect Port5001(Try 999 of 100)
Accept failed: 5001

then the familiar "Error within DebugUI" message box pops up, and that's
about it.

I am trying to use EPIC 0.3.0 (containing the debugger plug-in version 0.2.0)
installed on top of Eclipse 3.0.1 on a Solaris 8 machine.  The Perl version
installed on that machine is 5.005_03 (I could possibly install a less ancient
Perl version if EPIC required one), but those messages don't sound like
a Perl problem, do they?
hfriedrich wrote on Fri Oct 15 17:46:25 MEST 2004:
Sorry for the premature posting, it turns out that the debugger plug-in
actually does work, all I had to do to make it work was using a more recent
Perl version.
anutosho wrote on Wed Aug 24 02:55:13 MEST 2005:
On my fresh installed eclipse 3.1.0 with EPIC debug plugin V2.0 I have the
same problem.

Waiting for connect Port5003(Try 997 of 100)
Waiting for connect Port5003(Try 998 of 100)
Waiting for connect Port5003(Try 999 of 100)
Accept failed: 5003

I am using Debian with a 2.6.8-2-k7 Kernel

Installed packages are:
libperl, perl, perl-debug all V5.8.7.3

Each time i run or try to debug a script thr following message appears on
the eclipse) console window:
Setuid script not plain file

I'm not a perl guru. It's just, that my comodo freaked out (and I was thick
of it anyway) So I landed here :-)

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