Debugging Local varibles in Module

mat_j wrote on Wed Jul  4 18:42:26 MEST 2007:
Version info:

mat_j wrote on Wed Jul  4 19:00:47 MEST 2007:
Sorry this time:


Eclipse: Ver 3.3.0
EPIC: Ver 0.5.37
ActiveState Perl: Ver 5.8.8 Build 820
PadWalker Module: Ver 0.10

Platform Windows XP SP2

I am new to using Eclipse and EPIC for debugging perl but I am having problems
trying to view variables when the debugger steps into Perl Module I have

When debugging the main perl script I can see the local and global variables
in the Variable view fine. But as I step through the code and step into
a function that is located in the perl module the perl.exe encounters a
problem an brings up the error window with the following details:

Error signature:

AppName: perl.exe
ModName: perl58.dll
Offset: 0000ce81

However if I have the Variable View in the background, or if I turn off
"Show local variables"  there is no error generated.It seems that the error
only occurs if the variable view is active, and you are trying to view local
variables and step out of the main perl code.

Any ideas what could be causing this, any help would be gratefully appreciated.


jploski wrote on Wed Jul  4 23:12:32 MEST 2007:
Try upgrading to 0.6.11 (its debugger code is quite different from 0.5.x).
Another idea is to try upgrading PadWalker using the PPM package manager
included in the ActiveState Perl distribution. Based on your description,
the problem is likely a bug in ActiveState Perl or perhaps some native code
in some Perl module, not EPIC.
mat_j wrote on Thu Jul  5 11:00:11 MEST 2007:
Thanks Jan.

I installed EPIC test version 0.6.11, and re-tested displaying the local
variables when stepping into the perl module. It seems to be working fine

Thanks again.

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