Debuging eval statements??

squiker wrote on Tue Aug 22 10:04:28 MEST 2006:
Is it possible to jump in to code beeing run within the eval statment? 

I am working on a project that uses eval to run test code from configuration
files (so the perl code that makes up the test is not in a pl or pm file).
Is there any way to use the debuger on the code thats beeing evaluated?

jploski wrote on Tue Aug 22 13:20:59 MEST 2006:
There is currently no way to step into eval blocks. Our implementation of
Step Into issues 's' commands to the debugger as long as the current source
code line remains equal to the initial line on which Step Into was requested
by the user. This, in effect, skips over eval blocks. What should happen
instead is opening the body of the eval block in another editor and stepping

Feel free to create a feature request for it.

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