Detecting Perl 'Problems' in EPIC 0.3.12

cbro147 wrote on Fri Mar 10 21:16:53 CET 2006:
Eclipse SDK 3.1.2
EPIC 0.3.12
Sun Java jre1.5.0_06
Windows XP SP2

I've been using EPIC 0.3.0 for a little while and this morning I upgraded
to 0.3.12 to take advantage of the newer features (refractor & bracket matching
to be exact).

After a few minutes of using 0.3.12, I noticed my errors (in the perl script)
were not being detected by EPIC.  These same errors existed in my code and
were detected properly by 0.3.0.

I downloaded the version of PadWalker from the EPIC website and applied
it over my PPM installed copy.  I also tried switching between perl.exe
and wperl.exe.  Same results both ways.

For instance, I put the following code snippet in a new perl file:
Code Snip 1:
	$a = c;
	use Time:Local;
	$a = $b;

The *only* Problem shown in EPIC is 'Unquoted string "c" may clash with
future reserved word'
EPIC doesn't report the 'syntax error at line 2, near "use Time:"'
that is detected when I 'perl -wc' at the command line.

However, if I move line 1 to the bottom, like this:

Code Snip 2:
	use Time:Local;
	$a = $b;
	$a = c;

EPIC shows no Problems with the code at all...  Now, I 'Revert to Previous'
version of EPIC 0.3.0.

Pull up the Code Snip 2 and EPIC properly detects and displays the problem
'syntax error at - line 1, near "use Time:"'.

Is anyone else able to reproduce this?  Or, have I goofed my upgrade somehow?
 Any advice would be appreciated.


jploski wrote on Fri Mar 10 21:42:11 CET 2006:
It seems to be this bug:

I could reproduce your problem with 0.3.12, but not with the current CVS

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