developing library, include path problem

tichy wrote on Thu Dec 15 10:34:08 CET 2005:
Hello all,

I was quite keen to use the e-p-i-c plugin for eclipse, especially setting
up the debugger in XEmacs was somewhat difficult.

I started developing the module with a template generated by h2xs. After
trying some of the hints regarding "include path", I'm still getting errors
about not finding the module specified in require.

This is what I tried:
- setting the perl include path to the blib/lib directory (both by browsing
with the "..." file dialog and by specifying the absolute path)
- setting the perl include path to the lib-directory
- specifying the absolute path in $ENV{PERL5LIB} before starting eclipse

Neither of them worked, I always get "module not found" or similar. Needless
to say the module runs  quite perfect, so the error must be somewhere else...

The only (impractical) solution was to install the lib every time it was

Any ideas?


pguzis wrote on Thu Dec 15 18:05:06 CET 2005:
This may sound silly, but when you modified your include path in EPIC did
you remember to hit "Add to List" and "OK"?

Also, try creating and running the following script somewhere in your project:


print join "\n", @INC;


This will at least let you know where Perl is searching for modules.  I
hope this helps.
tichy wrote on Fri Dec 16 10:27:40 CET 2005:

yes, I did that, after noticing that "Enter" did only hit the "OK" button.
So, the entries for the include path are available.

The output of the script above looks fine to me:

But e-p-i-c keeps complaining about "compilation failed in require" for
MS::Eval. Nevertheless, it shows all functions, used modules and the like
in the file (which resides, as you may have guessed, in /home/fm/workspace/msdatenauswertung/MS-Eval/lib/MS).

Thanks for the quick reply.


jploski wrote on Fri Dec 16 18:43:21 CET 2005:
Have you tried checking the script on which the error is reported (or, preferably,
all Perl files in your project) by invoking

perl -I  -c

from the command line? This may yield a more comprehensive error message
than EPIC's. I suspect there may be an indirect problem, i.e. your file
requires some module, which in turn requires another one, ..., which does
not exist.

It might also help to tell us which version of EPIC you use.
tichy wrote on Sat Dec 17 18:02:57 CET 2005:
Hello again,

first the version I'm using, it is the latest available through the update
site, 0.3.12.

The perl -c works fine, it complains only about "Args must match #! line
at t/parsehtml.t line 1" which IMHO does not relate to the include path
problem. The module (and the tests I tried to debug with e-p-i-c) works
quite fine...

Thanks for the help,

jploski wrote on Sat Dec 17 18:29:18 CET 2005:
If you can upload your project somewhere, I can try reproducing it, otherwise
all suggest you diagnose the problem yourself.

By "diagnose" I mean set up a second workspace identical to the one in which
you are experiencing problems, import EPIC plugins as source projects, launch
a self-hosted workbench pointed to that secondary workspace, set breakpoints
in PerlValidatorBase and find out what is going on there.

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