Developing on EPIC

perlguy67 wrote on Mon Sep 19 15:31:50 MEST 2005:

I got all of the CVS modules for e-p-i-c checked out, but I am not sure
that my Java environment is setup 100% correctly.  

I am getting errors in areas that I don't think should really be generating

For example:
	public IdleTimer(ISourceViewer sourceViewer, Display display)
        assert sourceViewer != null;
        assert display != null;
		this.sourceViewer = sourceViewer;
		this.display = display;

In this, I am getting "assert" should not be used as an identifier, and
then being told that the != should be a "=" instead.  Obviously something
which loads assert is missing.

I "added" a few .jar files to the project to start getting rid of the errors,
but it became apparent that as I added on jar file, other things broke and
it was becomming an endless cycle.

Does anyone have a quick (or not quick) overview of what must be installed
(java versions, toolkits, etc) for me to be able to do a bit of development
on this?

My goal is to start adding more refactoring tools!

Thanks a ton!

matisse wrote on Mon Sep 19 17:26:33 MEST 2005:
I think you might be using Java 1.4 and assert() is a Java 1.5 thing.
perlguy67 wrote on Mon Sep 19 18:49:41 MEST 2005:
Yep, I am on Java 1.4_09ish.

Lunch time looks like a good time to load a newer version of Java... :o)

jploski wrote on Sun Sep 25 00:18:18 MEST 2005:
The assert keyword is not Java 1.5, it was introduced in 1.4. You need to
configure your compiler (Window/Preferences/Java/Compiler) to be compliant
with 1.4 rather than 1.3.
matisse wrote on Sun Sep 25 16:53:17 MEST 2005:
Oops, my bad for giving wrong advice. Sorry.

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