Eclipse 3.1, Mac OS X cvs install

oyku wrote on Mon Aug 29 21:09:03 MEST 2005:
Hi folks, 

I've had the similar problems with debugging with Eclipse 3.1 on Mac OS
X 10.4.2. 

After launching the debugger the main thread only has resume and terminate
buttons active, hitting the resume button bypasses all breakpoints and ends

I've also read that the CVS version works ok, so I tried to give it a try,
I've checkedout all modules from cvs but could not get it working.

I'd be very happy if anyone could describe how to install epic from the
CVS version.

Here's what I've done and failed
delete all epic related files from features and plugins directory, copy
up the CVS ones and run ./eclipse -clean
I see the Perl in perspectives but when I hit I get errors in initializing
the view. 

I'll be very glad if you could post how to install the CVS version.

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