Editor: delete words deletes too much.

mannih2001 wrote on Thu Nov 30 12:00:05 CET 2006:

I've been using epic now for a couple of weeks and I really like it. Nice

I have one little complaint about the perl editor, though. The "delete word"
action (ctrl + del) deletes way too much, IMHO. For example, it will delete
the next sigil.

Here's an example. I am editing this line:
$something = $foo + $bar;

Now I find out that $foo isn't necessary and all I need is $bar. So I place
the cursor just before $foo and hit ctrl+del. IMHO, this should delete $foo,
but nothing after that. What it actually does is to delete '$', leaving
'foo'. So I hit ctrl + del again. This is where it gets drastic because
not only will this delete foo, it will also delete ' + $', leaving only

$something = |$foo + $bar;
$something = |foo + $bar;
$something = |bar;

Can this behavior be changed somehow? I did a bit of Googling and found
a bug report for the eclipse java editor, which doesn't seem to help much
when it comes to the perl editor: 

jploski wrote on Sun Dec  3 21:23:31 CET 2006:
The behavior you described is wrong and already fixed in CVS.
I am going to release the next version of stable/testing some time during
the next week.

mannih2001 wrote on Mon Dec  4 10:01:37 CET 2006:
Cool. Thank you very much!

mannih2001 wrote on Wed Dec  6 10:27:07 CET 2006:
OK, I got the update and Ctrl-Del is really behaving nicely now. But I noticed
something strange when I played with the editor after the update: ctrl-backspace
acts pretty weird. Fortunately not in a dangerous way. Instead of deleting
the previous word (or anything at all), it will select the previous word.

Is this one intended?

jploski wrote on Wed Dec  6 18:57:23 CET 2006:
Oops, of course not. A copy-paste mistake.
mannih2001 wrote on Wed Dec 13 12:34:03 CET 2006:
I sure don't want to annoy you, but with 0.4.25, ctrl-backspace doesn't
do anything for me. 

jploski wrote on Wed Dec 13 19:07:58 CET 2006:
Thanks for noticing. It turns out I spotted one bug and committed a fix
for it without actually checking if there isn't another one:


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