EPIC and FastCGI

airday wrote on Wed Sep  5 14:54:24 MEST 2007:

I'm running Eclipse 3.3 under Suse Linux OS plus EPIC 0.5.39. I'm trying
to integrate a perl web page into this IDE.

This web page is running on FastCGI integrated into an Apache 1.3 as this
serves our need of having a very fast web site on an small cpu powered pc.

The main script is called main.fcgi and uses the HTTP::TEMPLATE plugin in
order to have the web page as dynamic as possible. A page-variable is handed
over to determine the page to display (i.e. http:// .... main.fcgi?page=mainpage)

I've included all includes all folders/files of the file system (such as
(usr/local/lib/ ...) which needs to be concerned by this perl project into
eclipse perl project.

Now the questions:
How do I get this running / debugging with EPIC ? Does EPIC supports FastCGI?
How can I use the Apache/FastCGI-Enviroment for Debugging/running.

Many thanks for any hint you may have,
jploski wrote on Wed Sep  5 18:47:17 MEST 2007:
There is no support for debugging scripts that execute inside of an external
web server. This means also no support for FastCGI. EPIC uses an embedded
internal web server for CGI debugging. So the recommended configuration
would be to set up the scripts so that they can be invoked through this
internal web server on your development machine (normal CGI) and through
FastCGI on the server machine. Of course, these two setups not being quite
the same, you might not be able to reproduce some bugs. Overall, it's a
good idea to do as little in CGI scripts as possible and implement most
of your functionality in CGI-neutral Perl modules. Then you can test/debug/reuse
these modules more easily.
airday wrote on Thu Sep  6 10:05:59 MEST 2007:
Thanks for the quick reply. Seems we have to do some restructuring work
then. But it should be possible to keep the differences as low as possible.

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