EPIC debugger

kcella wrote on Thu Dec  8 03:17:56 CET 2005:
How do I get the perl debugger to work in Eclipse? I have Eclipse 3.1 and
Perl 5.8 for Windows. I have followed the EPIC manual to setup the debugger,
but every time I run an application in debug mode, it starts up the Perl
graphical debugger that comes bundled with the Activestate Perl distribution.
I want to use the debug perspective GUI built into Eclipse. Please help!
marcbernst wrote on Sun Jan  8 05:42:39 CET 2006:
Does it start Devel::ptkdb?

In any case, you need to load the padwalker.pm version for ActivePerl that
you download from the epic site. No other version seems to work with 3.1.
I am curious why your 'activestate debugger' starts though. Please keep
us informed.

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