Epic develop builds

squiker wrote on Mon May 29 10:27:05 MEST 2006:
Lately I have been using the development builds from http://e-p-i-c.sourceforge.net/downloads/.
Mostly as I find them much more stable than the last stable releases. 

Unfortunatly the development build release of the 26th of May has a CRC
checksum error in the zip file. Any chance the development build will be
updated soon??

Thankls for a great plugin!! And any support you can give.. 
jploski wrote on Mon May 29 22:51:33 MEST 2006:
I just uploaded an updated archive, give it a try.
squiker wrote on Mon May 29 23:16:26 MEST 2006:

That did it. The download is complete. I will start testing tomorrow!!

jshields wrote on Sat Jul  8 01:23:06 MEST 2006:

First, thanks for a great plugin. It's fantastic to be able to not have
to leave Eclipse to do some Perl hacking!

Second, my question: is it possible to have the "testing" update site tracke
the development builds? I'm not that familiar with what is involved but
it would be great to be able to use this feature of Eclipse to keep up-to-date.

Also, is this something that can be farmed out to someone in the EPIC community?
I'd be willing to help if needed.

Thanks, again!


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