EPIC now in Fedora

jacktanner wrote on Thu May  1 00:03:00 MEST 2008:
I'm stealing Mat Booth's thunder, but EPIC will shortly be available in
Fedora (definitely in F9, due out in a couple of weeks, and possibly backported
for F8 as well).

During the reviews I noticed that there was a dependency on gnu-regexp.
Why is that? Is java.util.regex.Pattern insufficient?
jploski wrote on Thu May  1 14:00:25 MEST 2008:
Which version of EPIC is going to be included?

The dependency on gnu.regexp is historical only. I've replaced it by java.util.regex
in some source files that I modified, but not everywhere. I vaguely remember
that java.util.regex was not just functionally equivalent, but more efficient,
jacktanner wrote on Thu May  1 18:00:13 MEST 2008:
Fedora is apparently tracking the unstable branch.

Once it's in the build system, it should show up here:

You may also be interested in the discussion regarding its review for inclusion:

Will you take patches for replacing gnu.regexp with java.util.regex?

By the way, a suggestion for the homepage: the Downloads link points to
outdated version info, and there's no pointer to EPIC's CVS.
jploski wrote on Thu May  1 18:35:22 MEST 2008:
Tracking the unstable branch is good.

Regarding the review, I don't have much to add. The ANTLR warnings are because
the grammar specifications were hacked together in hurry (a trial-and-error
process more than relying on any specifications). As far as the test suites
are concerned, there are two of them: the first one - classes in "org.epic.perleditor-test/src"
- contains low-level standalone JUnit tests that don't generate false alarms.
Perhaps the most valuable among them are those that exercise the ANTLR grammars.
The second test suite - classes in "org.epic.perleditor-test/src-pde" -
contains JUnit tests that can only be run within a hosted Eclipse workbench.
Some of them do generate false alarms depending on the environment - they
are basically only guaranteed to run on my machine.

I will take patches for replacing gnu.regexp with java.util.regex. Just
take care that you test that the replacements are still working.

A link to CVS is available from the menu on the home page. The downloadable
files are outdated because I am too lazy to go through the sf.net file management
workflow on every minor release. One day I might automate it. Meanwhile,
I just added a note to the downloads section.
mbooth101 wrote on Thu May  1 21:30:11 MEST 2008:
Hi Jan, I'm the guy who packaged Epic up for Fedora.

Thanks for posting on here, Jack. It was a bit remiss my part not to really.

One quick question for you, Jan: Would you be willing to update to the latest
version of JDOM? In order to get Epic into Fedora, I wrote a small patch
that fixes its use of APIs that have changed in the last major version bump.
It's not a big patch and I have been using it since Christmas when I first
submitted the package for review without trouble.

Here's a link to it: http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/rpms/eclipse-epic/devel/epic-jdom-api-changes.patch?rev=1.1

jploski wrote on Thu May  1 23:05:42 MEST 2008:
I upgraded to jdom-1.1 and applied your patch in the just released 0.6.23.
mbooth101 wrote on Sat May  3 14:00:03 MEST 2008:
Excellent, thanks!

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