EPIC web browser

krychu wrote on Thu Jun 22 18:43:54 MEST 2006:
why do you develop your own EPIC Web Browser? there is one in the standard
implementation of Eclipse available through view called 'Internal Web Browser'.
is there any idea behind it?

best regards,
jploski wrote on Thu Jun 22 21:55:49 MEST 2006:
EPIC code does not contain any web browser. What do you mean?
krychu wrote on Sat Jun 24 19:12:37 MEST 2006:
Window->Show view->EPIC Web Browser
jploski wrote on Sat Jun 24 19:51:54 MEST 2006:
Fascinating. I did not realize this view's existence and suspect it might
have been created (mid-2004) before Eclipse's own internal browser view
became available.

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