Extending EPIC - Add a Palette

webwhysguy wrote on Tue Dec 19 03:59:40 CET 2006:

I would like to customize/extend EPIC by adding a Palette to the Editor
in order to insert code snippets, etc. (e.g., html, forms, cgi, custom).
 Is this a feature that's planned, already available, or one that someone
has already started?  If not, I could use some guidance on where to start,
both in terms of the  best approach and the area of the source code that
would need to be modified/extended (i.e., where to add a new PalleteViewer
to the editor's composite, etc.).

Thanks in advance.

Take Care,
- Billy
jploski wrote on Tue Dec 19 18:43:29 CET 2006:
This feature is not planned, not available, not being worked on. I'm also
don't think that it fits in the scope of EPIC, and there might be alternatives
worth considering (are you aware of the current support for code templates?)
You mention a PaletteViewer, which is a term from GEF. However, the PerlEditor
in EPIC is not a GEF editor. We currently don't have any dependency on GEF,
and I don't think it would be desirable (the JDT editor, which is a sort
of a role model for EPIC, does not use GEF nor palettes either). Perhaps
your intended extension could be implemented by simply adding buttons to
the toolbar instead of a GEF palette.

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