formatting for epic template

carifio wrote on Thu Mar  6 16:36:15 CET 2008:
I've created a template for perl epic 0.6.19, let's call it myfor:

for my $$item (@some_array) {
  my $$subpiece = $$item->{subpiece};
  ${cursor}you_code_here: print $$subpiece, "\n";

I can expand this template nicely with myfor, then ctrl-space.
But I lose the indentation. How do I keep the indentation?
Pl. advise. Tx.
carifio wrote on Thu Mar  6 16:43:55 CET 2008:
Lost the indentation in the post too! Sorry...
jploski wrote on Thu Mar  6 23:42:03 CET 2008:
This is a bug. A fix will appear in the next release:

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