FTP, CHMOD and Line Endings

tbolick wrote on Mon Jun 11 05:23:42 MEST 2007:
Just started using EPIC, and I love it, and I hate it.

It does everything I want EXCEPT make it easy to upload changes only with
FTP, along with chmod to make it executable, and ensuring the proper line
endings (LF vs CR/LF).

Can it do this?  Will it ever do this?  Can I make it do this?

matisse wrote on Mon Jun 11 16:50:54 MEST 2007:
The line endings of files is controlled by Eclipse itself, not EPIC - you
can set them in Eclipse in:

  Windows > General
Then look in 
for "New text file line delimiter"
jploski wrote on Mon Jun 11 19:05:20 MEST 2007:
I doubt if EPIC will ever have built-in FTP-related functionality. Basically,
this is something not related to Perl programming, but a more general concern
and should therefore be addressed elsewhere, either at the platform (Eclipse)
level or by additional third-party plug-ins. There is at least one for synchronization
over FTP (Aptana), but some integration problems were reported with EPIC
(see the bug reports). If they are indeed due to a bug in EPIC, it will
be fixed... at some time. Or you could fix it yourself now and submit a

Depending on what you wish to accomplish there are other synchronization
mechanisms which may be interesting:
- use CVS to check in code from your development environment and check out
into production. The chmod issue remains at first, but I think CVS has some
post-checkout hooks to address that.
- use ssh+rsync (maybe there is some rsync plug-in available? if not, just
run a script at appropriate times; you could hack EPIC to run it for you).
Rsync retains all file permissions.
- mount the remote file system and work on it directly (NFS, Samba, sshfs)
tbolick wrote on Mon Jun 11 22:06:08 MEST 2007:
I guess you are right.  But I do find these issues to be an annoyance when
considering Eclipse/EPIC as a Development environment.  I have been using
another IDE which seems to no longer be supported, but it did handle these
types of issues.

Yes, most likely Eclipse is where most of these changes should be made.
 But I think Eclipse development is not yet sufficiently language/environment
agnostic to care about issues that are more important to Perl/Python/Web
developers than Java developers.

Maybe I can figure out how to add an easy way to ftp a file up to my server
making sure it has the correct line endings and chmod it all from within
Eclipse, but I am not a Java programmer and don't know how easy that will

Any suggestions would be helpful.

By the way, I never meant to imply that EPIC had anything wrong with it.
 It is just that I don't currently see how Eclipse/EPIC is a complete dev
environment without ftp/chmod ability, which would probably need to have
yet another plug in deal with it.
jploski wrote on Mon Jun 11 23:09:45 MEST 2007:
These links may be of some interest:


The project described by the second link makes an impression of overengineering.
Instead of focusing on solving a single problem well, they aim at solving
a multitude of problems "somehow", introducing lots of annoying abstractions
in the process. This reminds me of the development of the Java profiler
plug-in. There used to be a nice, simple profiler plug-in for Java programmed
by a dedicated person (not affiliated with the Eclipse project in any way,
AFAIK). At some time it got abandoned and around the same time Eclipse guys
came up with the TPTP framework - big, slow and complicated...
tbolick wrote on Tue Jun 12 00:12:37 MEST 2007:
Oh my... I think you are right about overengineering.  I much prefer a system
built up from smaller working components than one designed from the start
to do everything.  Although I think removing the FTP/Webdav is the correct
thing.  It works in a pretty specific situation only.

moni40tng wrote on Tue Jun 12 11:25:36 MEST 2007:
We use ant or make to do the installation and to set permissions. In the
ant or make-targets we have scp to copy the files and then ssh 'chmod' to
set permissions. This works great, and you can always check out your code
outside Eclipse to do the installation if you like.

So my suggestion is that you use ant (ant.apache.org) and write your targets
and dependencies there (build.xml file). Right-click on the  build.xml file
and choose the "install" target or what you call it.
tbolick wrote on Fri Jun 15 20:42:29 MEST 2007:
Just wanted to follow up and say that I found DeployerFTP as a reasonable
solution to the FTP issue.  Now I'm bugging them to add CHMOD and CR/LF
conversion. :)  If only I were a java coder, I'd do it myself.
msubbareddy wrote on Wed Jan 23 18:09:57 CET 2008:
I was on the same stream to findout the FTP func. at e-p-i-c
and got, couple on the same, but, yet to finalize since, those are yet to

1. http://www.jcraft.com/eclipse-sftp/ (FTP/Webdav based)
2. http://www.antimatter-studios.co.uk/sites/chris/projects/esftp/ 


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