How to edit Perl file with no extention?

maiku41 wrote on Thu Oct 11 15:57:22 MEST 2007:
I have a Perl script file that has no extention (.pl, .pm, etc).  How do
I get it to show up in Epic rather than the default Eclipse text editor?
jploski wrote on Fri Oct 12 21:46:59 MEST 2007:
There is no way:
brusberg wrote on Tue Oct 30 16:34:30 CET 2007:
As a workaround: 
right mouse key -> Open With ... -> Other -> Epic Perl Editor
It will even remember this decision - for this particular file.
lancezant wrote on Fri Mar 28 22:03:33 CET 2008:
Since I only want this for a couple of files, I found that putting the exact
file names in the type list does the trick as far as choosing an editor
goes.  It apparently causes some confusion inside EPIC, because it disables
the "Run" button in the launch dialog.  It does let me apply/save the changes
and launch by picking it off the drop-down list, and even step through the
debugger.  However, there are some variables I don't see and I have other
run-time problems.  I suspect these are unrelated, but I don't know for

Can anyone tell me whether this seems ok or smells like a trap?
aball wrote on Mon Mar 31 16:30:39 MEST 2008:
I actually JUST posted something about this a while ago, though the Open
With... -> Other would probably be easier. Unfortunately my eclipse doesn't
seem to have the "Other" option under "Open With..." 
aball wrote on Mon Mar 31 16:31:01 MEST 2008:
Ooops, forgot the link

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