How to navigate variables

picoa wrote on Sun Jul  3 02:45:30 MEST 2005:
I'm new to eclipse and am trying to set it up for Perl coding.  I'm having
difficulty finding a way to display the current variables for navigation,
like in what Eclipse calls the Outline View.

I found that variables could potentially be displayed via the debugger with
PadWalker.  But this seems an unnecessary step (keep running debugger as
I code), and I haven't got it to work yet anyways.

Has this feature simply not been developed yet?
rdp34 wrote on Fri Jul 22 18:10:09 MEST 2005:
this could potentially be hard [perhaps that being its reason for not being
implemented] as variables in perl are created "on the fly" at run-time,
however I suppose it should be possible.  Anyone?
picoa wrote on Sat Jul 23 02:30:36 MEST 2005:
And just to clarify what I'm talking about, here is a screenshot from EngInSite
Perl Editor.

Under 'Navigate'  it lists folders for Uses, Functions, Scalars, Arrays,
and Hashes that then list instances and line numbers.

Maybe this is not easy (I have no idea), but EngInSite is free.  I just
hate giving up that feature even while gaining all the cool features in


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