How to rebuild EPIC from source?

athensy1 wrote on Mon Mar 21 12:23:28 CET 2005:

I am using epic 0.3.10 and suffer from the performance problem. I know somebody
has fixed this issue and posted the patch into the CVS. Now I would like
to extract the sources from the CVS, and rebuild epic from scratch. Would
somebody tell me how to get the most updated program sources from CVS, and
the rebuild procedures. 

I would like to know:
1) The CVS accessing URL of epic.
2) I run on Windows 2K, any free CVS client for it?
3) How to rebuild epic installation package from the sources?

Thanks in advance.
Athens Yan.
athensy1 wrote on Tue Mar 22 06:53:13 CET 2005:
Ok, I have extracted the sources from CVS. Now, the only problem is how
to rebuild the EPIC installation package? Please help.

Best regards,
Athens Yan.
luelljoc wrote on Tue Mar 22 07:22:04 CET 2005:

Off the top of my head, so I might have forgotten something :)

Check out the following modules:


Open each plugin.xml file of each project.
Select the Dependencies tab and choose "Compute Build Path" from the context

After that you should be able to build the projects.

Hope that helps.


athensy1 wrote on Wed Mar 23 07:15:27 CET 2005:
Hi Jochen,

Thanks for your help. The result is that I load each plugin.xml with Eclipse
as external file, I could see the Dependencies tab, but not the "Compute
Build Path" elsewhere (in fact, I don't know what is the context menu and
where it could be found). The only tabs I saw are 'Overview', 'Dependencies',
'Runtime', 'Extensions', 'Extension Points', 'Build', 'plugin.xml' and ''.

I have no any experience for Eclipse plugin component development, please
specify it a little bit more details.

Thanks again,
Athens Yan. 

P.S.: The Eclipse I used is version 3.0.1 and run on Windows 2K.
leo_forge wrote on Thu Mar 31 11:26:07 MEST 2005:
most easiest way is:

1) Download EPIC and install it.
2) Download sources
3) Export Sources to JAR-File BUT *ONLY* the *src* folder!!!!
4) Check if the exportet JAR-File is similar size as orignal one. IF too
much difference, you've exported too much.
5) Copy paste, i.e. replace the generated one with the existing one in your
6) Restart Eclipse => new JAR-File is used.

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