Lost RegExp after installing 3.12

pmneve wrote on Sat Oct 22 00:12:09 MEST 2005:
Installed 3.12 on eclipse 3.0.1 build 200409161125 and now cannot find RegExp

Configuration details lists two versions of RegExp:
0.1.3 and 0.1.4 - likely not good.

reverted to previous eclipse configurations to no avail.

uninstalled and reinstalled 3.12, no joy.

jploski wrote on Sat Oct 22 15:54:46 MEST 2005:
Unrelated to the regexp problem, but important: 0.3.12 and later are (will
be) only compatible with Eclipse 3.1.
pmneve wrote on Tue Dec 13 22:16:39 CET 2005:
Actually it may well be related in some way.  I installed Eclipse 3.1 then
0.3.12 and all is well.
edmwagner wrote on Fri Feb 24 06:58:53 CET 2006:
Not sure if this is the right location Jan, but does your last post mean
EPIC will not work with Eclipse 3.2m5?
jploski wrote on Fri Feb 24 20:02:55 CET 2006:
I just meant here that we do not keep backwards-compatibility with 3.0.
As far as 3.2 goes, see the thread: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1442938&forum_id=258687

Summary: 0.3.12 is not compatible with 3.2, the current CVS version seems
compatible (though not well-tested). There is a known bug in 3.2 which makes
the EPIC debugger unable to open source files located outside of the workspace.

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