lower case module names not recognized

aloist wrote on Mon Jun 26 12:00:12 MEST 2006:
In my perl project, which I have just imported into EPIC, I have many local
modules which have lower case module names; they are references like this:

use util;
use layout;

It seems that the EPIC system does not recognize these lines; the corresponding
modules do not appear listed in the 'Modules' list.

if I have names with uppercase, like
use AWD;
then the module AWD is listed and its sourcefile AWD.pm accessible.

Can I change the EPIC configuration somehow so that also lowercase module
names are accepted?
jploski wrote on Mon Jun 26 18:56:08 MEST 2006:
There is no way to configure it.

To fix your problem, install today's release of epic-devel:


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