org.epic.debug refactorings

jploski wrote on Sat Nov 25 17:12:57 CET 2006:
Note to avoid potential redundant work: I will be doing major refactorings
in org.epic.debug over this weekend, and will commit my changes on Sunday.
jploski wrote on Mon Nov 27 00:25:42 CET 2006:
I am not committing the new code just yet because I did not manage to test
it sufficiently.

Originally, I planned to clean up, but the amount of wacky dependencies
in the code just would not let me cease there. So far, Eclipse tells me
I have modified 40+ files from org.epic.debug.

The commit will probably have to wait until next weekend.
jgangemi wrote on Mon Nov 27 01:30:20 CET 2006:
ok - i've been looking into the dltk and  started to put together a small

already i have a wizard to create a project and support modification of
a jdt like build path (the interface is exactly the same). launching seems
to be straight forward as well - the only "tricky" part is the editor.

they are using antlr, but it seems that the grammar is defined more 'programatically'
- i'm still a newbie when it comes to that whole area, so now may be as
good a time as any to learn it - since it will be beneficial regardless.
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  2 17:13:00 CET 2006:
The refactored debugger code is now committed. Still rough at many places,
yet a lot more readable than it used to be. I bet there are still old bugs
and perhaps a few new ones in there. The hope is that they can now be fixed
without swearing.

If you wish to experiment with remote debugging, a good place to start would
be RemoteLaunchConfigurationDelegate, which now actually works on simple

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