performance problems with 0.3.0

vivekiyer wrote on Tue Mar 15 17:38:58 CET 2005:
Sorry if this overlaps the topic "performance problems with 0.3.10" - but
I am using the epic stable release (0.3.0) with eclipse 3.0.1, on both MacOSX
and Redhat 9.

I have a large codebase (few thousand files I think). I am finding (by watching
the eclipse console) that epic is trying to recompile the source I'm working
on every time I type anything more than a few characters, or save. 

The result (for a module which is large) is a time lag of a few seconds,
especially if there are compile problems. This makes the environment unusable
to do anything except browse the project.

I have tried to switch off the 'build automatically' switch on project menu,
switched off epic auto-completion (which doesn't work anyway) and deselected
the builder, but the attempt to compile still happens, and still causes
this maddening latency.

I can't find the code-folding switch which was referred to in the last performance
thread - maybe it's in a release later than 0.3.0...

Any suggestions? I really really want to use this environment - even in
its current very slow mode, the ability to keep all my perl and java under
one roof is lovely, and I'm sick of editing perl with vi :-)
leo_forge wrote on Thu Mar 31 11:22:27 MEST 2005:
Try the latest CVS-sources. these schould fix somehow the problem.

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