PERL INCLUDE PATH automatically from Java Co

dansteu wrote on Sun Sep  9 14:10:41 MEST 2007:
Hi all!
I have a big problem..

 I developed an eclipse plugin who creates projects of "perl nature"
with a particular path: I must modify the perl build path but I don't
know what I have to do...In particular if I create the perl nature
project now as now, it is created with the original perl build path
and if I want to modify it I have to do right click on perl project
that is create starting the plugin, then "Properties" and then "Perl
Include Path", but I don't have to do this with my hands from the perl
project view. The plugin must be done in a way that the perl project
created must have the classpath already setted. If I don't modify this
path from the java code,  a module (, is a mine particular
module who requires a particular path because call different USE in
his package) that is loaded at the same time of the perl project
returns errors because of some USE in .... who are not able to
find the right path

My java code now is:

IWorkspace work=ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace();

IWorkspaceRoot workRoot=ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot();

IProject newProject=workRoot.getProject(name);

IProjectDescription newProjectDescription=work.newProjectDescription(name);

String[] natureId=new String[1];

natureId[0]="org.epic.perleditor.perlnature";   //PERL NATURE


//Here I think is the place where I have to modify the perl path of
the project the plugin is goig to create
newProject.create(newProjectDescription,null);   //creazione progetto

Can you give me an idea or a little piece of source code to resolve
this problem?
I browse a lot in the web but I didn't find any idea to continue...

Is it possible to look throught perl path from java code?
Thanks very much! I need some helps ..!


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