POD/Code folding

robert-kuropkat wrote on Wed Dec 15 18:20:41 CET 2004:
I posted this in the Help section initially and should have probably posted
it here.

I have a couple comments/questions/suggestions on the Code/POD Folding.

1. Expand/Collapse All option would be nice 
2. =pod tag is not folded. This is particularly noticable in one section
of POD where I do not have an -headx tag. Instead, I have =pod, =over, =item...,
=back, =cut. This is a valid POD segment but does not fold because I did
not use an =head tag which is what the folding seems to key on at the moment.

3. POD within subroutines. I have POD within some of the longer or less
obvious subroutines (most likely a problem on it's own :-) ). Right now
I can only fold/unfold the entire subroutine. It would be nice if I could
chose to unfold the subroutine but still fold/unfold the inner comments
4. Curiously, code folding subroutines is not triggered unless you have
some POD in your program. A program with subroutines, but no POD does not
enable code folding. Not sure if that is feature or flaw... 

5.  (This was not in the prvious post) It would be nice if the editor remembered
the last state of what was or was not folded.
Robert Kuropkat 
leo_forge wrote on Thu Jan 13 13:05:30 CET 2005:
The forum is nice for posting, but if you like to see at as enhancement,
then open the issues as new RFE.

4) could be some kind of bug => open it there - but only with an example.
otherwise it makes no sense at all.

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