Problem debugging with "use switch"

jrsade wrote on Thu May 15 11:54:42 MEST 2008:
When debugging a perl script the debugger gets confused after an initial
sequence of commands. Then it points to comments and empty lines in the
source code.
I found out that the "use Switch" command causes this problem. When removing
it, the problem disappears. I could not find any place in the program to
put the statement in order to avoid the problem.
In a separate standalone version of the program using the same sequence
of "use" statements it works flawlessly.
Any ideas?
jploski wrote on Thu May 15 19:29:33 MEST 2008:
Open a bug report, attach the code which confuses the debugger and steps
to reproduce (are you using remote or local debugging?)
jrsade wrote on Fri May 16 08:05:10 MEST 2008:
Well, I am using local debugging. However, the code is about 5000 lines.
I try to reproduce it in a code fragment.

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