$^RE_TRIE_MAXBUF 65536 in debuger

harvy76 wrote on Fri May 16 14:38:25 MEST 2008:
Hello, I am begginer in Perl, and I would like to use Eclipse with EPIC
for programing the scripts. But, I had Eclipse SDK 3.1.2, EPIC 0.5.45. When
i try to debug with key F11 the variables window show me this variable /$^RE_TRIE_MAXBUF
and in debug window show me 
/Perl Debugger
	Main Thread
		preklad.pl[line: 7]

Please can you help me, where i make a mistake?
Thank you
jploski wrote on Fri May 16 19:09:12 MEST 2008:
I can't really see which part of the output you don't like, but it may be
sensible to upgrade to the current version of Eclipse (3.3.x) and EPIC 'testing'
harvy76 wrote on Mon May 19 11:21:42 MEST 2008:
great, thank you for your help. I Installed the last version of Eclipse,
and last version of EPIC, and now it is work.
Thank you.
markjrich wrote on Fri May 23 02:58:04 MEST 2008:

I have a current Eclipse build (3.3.2) and EPIC version 0.5.45 and I am
having the same trouble.
My question is what the difference is between my version of EPIC and the
'testing' version.
I'm new to Perl, but this is my dev machine and I don't want to put anything
on it that will compromise its stability.

Is there a way that I can get the debugger to work without using a 'testing'
version of the package?

jploski wrote on Sun May 25 02:23:16 MEST 2008:
The 'testing' version has a lot of changes in the debugger code. For this
reason debugger fixes generally only go into 'testing', while other fixes
also go into 'stable'. Additionally, testing gets new features while stable
doesn't (see "Feature Request" entries in the ChangeLog).

You don't have to uninstall stable and you can always easily switch back
to it using Help/Manage Configuration) if you discover some problem in 'testing',
but I predict it won't be necessary.

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