Remote Debugging

marcsikora wrote on Tue Apr  5 12:04:04 MEST 2005:

i 've got a little problem with this cool remote debugging functionality.
First of all i'm not sure if i did understand it and perhaps anyone can
correct me if i'm wrong. Second thing is a problem in one of the necessary

I think I understood that:
1. My local machine is that one, where Eclipse and EPIC and so on are installed
and i'm sitting in front of.
2. The remote machine is the target machine and this one needs perl (activeperl
or something) and the unpacked zip-file with my scripts and this "start_epicDB"-scripts.
3. When I run an EPIC-remote-debug on my LOCAL machine, it opens a port
and listens for incoming debug sessions (independent of creating the zip-file).
4. To begin a session, i start the "start_epicDB"-script on my remote machine,
and this one connects to my local machine, and on the local machine i can
do the debugging actions, which are performed on the remote machine, isn't
it that way?

At this moment i'm stuck in generating the zip-file. When trying to open
it, the zipper says it is corrupt, even deleting isnt possible. It seems
as if ecplise didn't write it down completely and keeps it open. For that,
i cannot unzip it, and cannot debug remotely :-(

Any hints?!?


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