Smart typing not available

tlemons wrote on Thu Feb  3 19:22:32 CET 2005:

Reading, I believe that EPIC 0.3.0 is the
latest version.  I downloaded the "EPIC User's Guide" from that site.  I
see (on p. 6) an Editor feature called 'Smart typing'.  Yet, when I look
at my system's Preferences -> Perl EPIC -> Editor informaiton, I don't see
the 'Smart typing' tab.  This made me wonder if I, indeed, have the latest
version installed.

In my Eclipse 3.0.1 environment, when I click on Help -> Software Updates
-> Manage Configuration, I do see 'EPIC 0.3.0' in the expanded list.

But, when I look in the About Eclipse Platform Plug-ins screen, I see:

Epic Project   Perl Editor Plug-in     0.1.2
Epic Project   Regexp Plug-in         0.1.2
EPIC Project   Debug Plug-in          0.2.0

Are these, indeed, the components of  0.3.0?  Any, is Smart typing really

luelljoc wrote on Thu Feb  3 19:30:49 CET 2005:
Hi Terry,

smart typing is implemented in the testig version 0.3.10.
Could it be that you had a look the the PDF of the testing version ?

tlemons wrote on Thu Feb  3 19:44:46 CET 2005:
Hi Jochen

Argh, my 'duh'.  That's exactly what I did.  I'll download 0.3.10, and give
it a try.

Thanks for the fast reply!

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